Koranadu sarees:


There is a distinct gem of a weave with the name Koranadu. The traditional version was the typical nine yard which had checks and some had stripes too. The weaver weaves alternate silk and cotton yarns in both warp and weft. The geographical location of Tamil Nadu having a long coastal stretch with a lot of humidity in the air plays an important role in making this state suitable for weaving in cotton, silk, grass, wool etc. cotton is grown in the black soils of Coimbatore, Madurai, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Dindugal and patches of Salem etc. The Koranadu saree is a union fabric made of silk and coarse cotton yarn, both in warp and weft ways used in a proportion where silk is 2/3 and cotton is 1/3 weight of the saree. Silk adds to its richness and value of the saree and cotton gives the saree strength and comfort and ease to the wearer. The saree has contrast border and fine tiny checks in the body. Narrow extra warp designs are used in zari and simple coloured weft stripes in the pallav. Unfortunately, these sarees are disappearing from the market. Wash and care are very simple where soaps can be used instead of detergent. Join hands with us to help this weave and weavers survive the perils of time.

Rakhi Janardhanan, Textile Enthusiast

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